Susi Bascon is a London based artist with Spanish and Latin roots. Over the last 25 years she has lived in the UK but has travelled extensively across Latin America, Asia and Africa. Through her human rights and humanitarian work she has been exposed to the richness and inspiring values of other cultures as far apart as Nepal, Indonesia and Colombia. 
Her creative path has been inspired by the many remarkable and courageus individuals and communities around the world she has had the privilege to meet and by their passion for human rights and social justice. 
She has always kept a close connection between her work and her art always seeking to work in something that grows her spirit, has significance to her and that is part of something that positively impacts many people.
Self development is at the center of Susi studio's creative work, seeking challenges and opportunities that are ripe for personal growth. 
Through her art she strives to inspire, arousing the hearts of many to live lives of authenticity. Her art speaks outs her emotions with conviction, tenacity and creativity. Through her life and art she is trying to make the world a better place. She is interested in solutions that redefine entire paradigms. Through her art and colour she presents a way to think.
Her art work is sensitive, receptive and filled with emotions. Her work can be spiritual, ethereal and intangible as if she is speaking in abstractions and metaphors. Her art works appears to tap into mystical creative energy, expressing through art her sensitive, spiritual approach to life. Her art work seeks a higher path to tread in life, is compassionate and inspired by her imagination.
Website & Photography made by Manu Valcarce 

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